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Dilli dur ast

Nizamuddin Dargah is a few metres away from Amir Khusro’s Tomb. Nizamuddin Auliya was a famous humanitarian Muslim Sufi and mystic saint. The original tomb no longer exists. The present structure was built in the mid 15th century by Faridun Khan, a nobleman. It was repaired and decorated by Feroz Shah Tughlaq and subsequent rulers. The majestic pavilion with marble arches and lattice screens or jails was added by Emperor Shah Jahan.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia (d. 1325 A.D.) represents in many ways the pinnacle of the Chishti Order of the Sufis. Hazrat Baba Farid, his spiritual guide, said to him on appointing him as his successor: “Be like a big tree, so that Allah’s creation, the human beings in their vast multitudes, may find rest and solace under your shadow.”

This shrine also houses the tomb of Amir Khusrau, a famous poet and the saint’s beloved disciple. Encroachments plaque the shrine and the area itself seem to belong to another century. The shrine was built by Muhammad Tughluq and is one of the sacred places of pilgrimage. Other tombs situated in the complex of the shrine belong to Begum Jahan Ara, Shah Jahan’s favorite daughter and Mirza Ghalib. Every Thursday, one can hear qawwalis here around sunset.

Shaikh Nizamu’d-Din was born at Budaun in 1236. He came to Delhi with his mother and became the disciple of the famous saint Shaikh Farid Shakarganj. The rulers such as Ala-ud-Din Khalji and Muhammad Tughluq were devoted to him. It is said that he had already prophesized beforehand that city of Tughluqabad could never prosper and that Ghiyath-ud-Din Tughluq, who was then in Bengal, would never see Delhi again. He died in 1325. The original tomb has been renovated many times and the present tomb was built in 1562. The area around the tomb is regarded as sacred. Twice every year, ‘urs’ is held to commemorate the death anniversaries of Hazrat Nizamu’d-Din Auliya and Amir Khusrau.

Delhi with Kids

Delhi is a chaotic and busy metro city with a very rich history and culture, numerous monuments and places to see some as old as the civilization itself. So many pubs and discs, lounges hang out spots, shopping malls and much more.

Does that mean Delhi is hell for kids? Well, it actually has so many places, parks, hang out and recreational spots where not just kids but you can also enjoy all your time. Let’s take a look through the list of places where you can take your kids when you are in Delhi:



  1. National Rail Museum: Train and kids have an unusual bonding and a place filled with innumerable replicas, model trains and toy trains is absolute heaven for kids.
  2. Dilli Haat: Dilli Haat is basically a market so why should your kids love a shopping market? This no ordinary market it’s a culmination of Indian culture, composed of shops and eating joints representing various states. The market is extremely colorful and fun filled which your kids will absolutely love.
  3. National Science Centre: It has various sections for all age groups such as Heritage & Dinosaur gallery, Human Biology gallery, Fun Science Library etc. There are also a number of hands-on displays explaining the laws of physics. The Cyberlkool of this museum is the first fun-packed multimedia centre in the country. At least a whole day is required to go through this children’s paradise.
  4. India Gate: It’s one of the most visited places in Delhi besides Red Fort. The memorial has a park in its compound and it’s a hub for numerous activities and games.

Delhi Life

Delhi has always held a special allure for global visitors – thousands stayed on and became Indians! With its amalgamation of diverse cultures, ancient monuments, beautiful parks, broad avenues, bustling markets and shops, the labyrinth of Old Delhi’s lanes, a vibrant nightlife, its inherently friendly, welcoming people and much more, Delhi is assuredly an awaiting kaleidoscope of experiences.
Many a tourist has been enthralled and captivated by Delhi’s vast historical, cultural, culinary and shopping experiences. This city offers its visitors everything from revered temples and mosques to massive, daunting forts, multihued markets to budding parks, not forgetting the pulsating nightlife of Delhi.
Let’s now talk about the life in Delhi, about the people, the places and everything Delhi is about.
Delhi is expansive in its offerings of hotel accommodation categories – suited to each and every explorer’s needs and budget. Royal treatment, excellent hospitality and an outstanding range of services are features of today’s Delhi accommodation providers – bringing guests back time and time again. The hotels of Delhi are located throughout this great metropolis – from Lutyen’s masterpiece of city planning, around Connaught Place and Chanakyapuri, to the lanes of Chandni Chowk.
There are many places is Delhi to visit, the famous Mughal monuments, the towers, minarets and pillars, the markets, the temples which hold their name in Guinness Book of World Records, famous churches, gurudwaras and mosques. The museums and art and craft galleries, the architectural master pieces built during the British Raj. But that is not it, besides that city has many places to visit which are less known but are of equal importance and value.
Shopping and mall culture in Delhi has changed the way people used to shop earlier. There are new shopping complexes and malls in Delhi where you can find all your shopping requirements under one roof. It has a large number of shopping places; all varying from cheapest to costliest, local to brand and almost anything you can think of. Besides shopping malls and shopping centres, there are many markets and some of them are one of the best markets in the country and even some of the best markets in Asia.
Chandni Chowk and Connaught Place are the oldest markets in Delhi. Chandini Chowk is the oldest and most famous market in Old Delhi and is also often mentioned as the haven of shopaholics who prefer bargaining. Khan Market is one of the costliest markets in Asia and is preferred by the elite class living here. There are some trendy markets which are available in Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, South- Ex and Karol Bagh. Sarojini Nagar market is famous for its designer and latest fashion clothes while south extension market is known because of its exclusive showrooms.
Night life in Delhi is another addition to the new lifestyle being embraced by the people of Delhi. Night clubs in the city open till late night and you can eat, drink along with enjoying dance on the floor. There are a number of recreational spots which includes pubs, bars, discotheques, coffee joints where the atmosphere becomes stimulating as the night grows.
For instance Djinns at Ring Road, Shalom is yet another highly popular disco cum bar located at Greater. Others include India International Centre at Max Mueller Marg and India Habitat Centre at Lodhi Road. CJ’s, RPM, Float, Capitol are among the other happening joints.
Some famous bars in Delhi includes: The Maurya Sheraton, Diplomatic Enclave, Henri’s, Windsor Place, Cavalry Bar, Civil Lines, Rick’s, Blues, Buzz, Geoffrey’s, Gola, Tuskers, Golden Dragon. The Tavern on Janpath Road is a restaurant cum bar whereby every evening live performance by famous Indian musicians entertains the crowd.
If you want to get hold of a cup of Cappuccino or Espresso at Barista, Diva, Machan and the Patio. ‘Neighborhood’ has in its menu list both Chinese and Continental stuffs besides coffee, tea and beer.
There is so much to Delhi that cannot be just described in words. Living in Delhi is living an era, a feeling that is none like any other. Even though Delhi has been in controversies and news for the quality of life and the safety issues but still it is the city of people with hearts, with love, affection and enthusiasm.

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