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Delhi Walks®purpose is to create a positive impact on the society and welcome people to experience Delhi heritage & culture.  We encourage safer ways of exploring tourism destinations in Delhi for all kinds of visitors. Interaction plays a key role, people walk together, interact, click photograph (upload and share them) and participate in discussions of historic past.

Our special initiatives helps us in taking responsibility as equal stakeholder in image building of Delhi and being positive about it. A journey through Delhi is enriching, inspiring and unforgettable. Our aim is to enlighten and stimulate, not merely to inform and design and lead in-depth walks for curious travellers.


The story of Delhi is enveloped in multiple layers of history and culture that are waiting to be unraveled and explored by those who have grown up seeing its neighbourhoods, bazaars and evolve over the ages. People who are well familiar with the city’s history and passionate enough to delve into its tangible, intangible heritage and living fabric, to unveil tales that will reveal a whole new facet of India’s bustling capital city. We bring tales that will add a new and colourful perspective or dimension to the evolution of Delhi through the ages, and help visitors connect more intimately with Delhi’s multicultural past in a more holistic manner. DASTAN E DELHI® is an intellectual property duly registered with GoI. For more information you can send us an email.


Delhi 6 is synonymous with Shahjahanabad, the city of dreams, the largest pin code zone in India. Renowned as the Walled City of Delhi, the crumbling walls of Shah Jahan’s city have lived through wars and resurrection, repeatedly rising from multiple invasions and setbacks. Each alley has a story to tell and on our DELHI-6 TOURS & STORIES, you get to amble through these very streets and gain an intimate historical perspective of the community, while simultaneously savouring culinary gems and enjoying the market’s hum and coveted one-on-one time with merchants. The DELHI-6 TOURS & STORIES delivered by us gives you an in-depth perspective on Old Delhi.For more information you can send us an email.DELHI-6 TOURS & STORIES is an intellectual property and appreciate Delhi’s heritage and history.


Our special tourism offering PHOTOWALKING® is one of the most enriching ways to explore Delhi, a city with over twelve centuries of tangible and intangible legacy in the form of built heritage and cultural traditions. Engage with and capture the rich and bustling living fabric of Delhi on your cameras on a walking tour that will leave you with ethereal memories. While some photographs will be captured by your camera, the rest remain with you as permanent mental images. Enjoy a structured yet informal walk around spectacular heritage structures that are rooted in history and delightful myths and legends. Explore lesser known heritage spaces and intriguing city sights and flavors, all the while learning handy tips and techniques that will help you improve your photography skills and gain a holistic perspective about the art of photography.PHOTOWALKING® is a intellectual property and duly registered with GoI.For more information you can send us an email.


The capital city of India is a veritable treasure trove of plural culture and heritage. The monuments of Delhi represent over 1000 years of history and architectural legacy. Perceiving this diversity and understanding the city’s historical and cultural past can be a tad overwhelming at first, but the intriguing stories that lurk in and around the city’s tangible heritage both take you back in time through the historical timeline of Delhi and provide a context for the city’s evolution right from the eighth century onwards. Our team of Heritage Enthusiasts®, City Explorers®, Walk Leaders® concentrate their delivery on the socio-cultural dynamics of Delhi. Seeing Delhi differently means enjoying a holistic experience in a vivacious city that lives, breathes and eats history.


From Founder & Chief Explorer® Dr. Sachin Bansal – We specialize in providing in-depth and authentic local experiences, enabling travellers and tourists to connect with the local life and cultural fabric of the destinations that they visit.We are expert in walking tours and we’ve earned a solid reputation for our passion, enthusiasm and importantly, our sense of showcasing the character of the city.


Delhi Walks® intent is to connect people, cultures and religions through our knowledge & collective experiences this historical city has showered on us. We want heritage to be more widely recognised as a vital contributor to the economy, social cohesion, better places and individual wellbeing. We are a prestigious tourism brand bringing amazing opportunities for city discovery. We organise heritage walks and storytelling sessions for all kinds of travellers. The Delhi Walks Festival operates in conjunction with City Walks Festivaland India City Walks Festival. All the brands are flagship of City Explorers Private Limited. The vision of Delhi Walks Festival is to create a pool of culturally aware people who are passionate locals, have a desire to showcase their neighbourhoods to visitors and yet face a challenge to find a platform to pursue their interest.

Under Delhi Walks Festival there are range of experiences waiting to be explored on foot by people passionate about the city’s heritage and diverse history. Delhi Walks® enables travelers to build an emotive connect with the colorful history of the capital city through interactive storytelling sessions, thus providing an enriching context for its present day development. The Delhi Walks Festival becomes an extravaganza for interconnected city discovery that is visualized as a cog in a larger narrative that would change the entire manner in which one interacts with the city of cities, providing a comprehensive insight into the evolution of Delhi, literally leaving no stone upturned.



We are expert in walking tours and we’ve earned a solid reputation for our passion, enthusiasm and importantly, our sense of showcasing the character of the city.
We operate under the umbrella National Award Winning brand INDIA CITY WALKS® in conjunction with City Explorers Pvt Ltd (CEPL®) and our selection of walking tours offer experiential discovery opportunities in Delhi.

Feel free to contact us in order to find out which walk suits you best. You can reach us through email or call us +91 989 969 2790 during weekends and holidays or fill the contact form.

We are passionate about travel and love to talk about it with you!

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