Delhi Stories™

Delhi Stories is a platform curated by Delhi Walks® which allows you to share first-hand experiences around and about the city of Delhi.

While  showcasing Delhi to curious travellers the concept of Delhi Stories originated with a vision for us to “hear your Delhi Story” and “the way you have evolved with Delhi “.

We understand the importance of storytelling and know that the stories leave a bigger imprint on the minds of the travelers. Focusing on the larger picture with Incredible India Stories, where we bring hoards of stories from every corner of the country under one platform, we have taken city specific steps too. Delhi Stories is one chapter of many. Our vision is to create engagement for the destination Delhi with a repository of stories, anecdotes, oral history and traditions. The stories we share are multi-facet and are based on a two-way communication with a high level of emotions on the part of the individual storytellers to achieve involvement.

The idea of Delhi Stories is inspired from Delhi Walks® which is also a private city branding initiative and ‘Delhi 6 – Tours & Stories’ which concentrates on the tales of Delhi medieval narrative. We often observed that there was a need for clarity on what makes Delhi a historic city and yet brings the cosmopolitan vibe in everyday life. Being core customer centric in our focus, while conducting these walking tours, we thought of this platform to voice what it meant to be quintessentially – Delhi.

Our aim is to reveal the multiple cultural aspects of the city and help build an emotional connection with residents and visitors. We aim at sharing stories with different mediums, either through PHOTOWALKING® which captures a story on a lens or with a trained KATHAKAR® who shares stories with modulation and the technical craft of storytelling. Our immersive storytelling brand Dastan E Delhi® reflects the wonders of Delhi the good and bad, sweet and sour, moments which make Delhi one of the most lovely places in the world. We believe that everyone has a story of their own; some are heart-wrenching, some make you cry some just laugh or giggle and some make you melt in emotions.

In addition, by introducing Delhi Stories With sharing and spreading the love for the city through stories, we also strongly believed that in this age of digitization, by introducing Delhi Stories we will also analyze the potential of storytelling as a tool and create team of Delhi Heroes for destination showcase. Our intent is to bridge the gap and reveal real Delhi! We look forward to hearing your Delhi Story.

With love,

Dr.Sachin Bansal (Chief Explorer®)

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