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Delhi’s soul lies in its multicultural aspect. Each lane that you visit has a story to tell, different and unique. Delhi is a city that’s brimming with a multicultural vibe. Every nook and cranny of this metropolis is bursting with stories that are diverse and distinct from one another. It’s no wonder that Dr. Sachin Bansal, the founder of Delhi Walks®, aims to showcase the richness of Delhi’s cultures and traditions in an all-encompassing manner.
With this goal in mind, Delhi Walks® offers a unique storytelling and city experience that takes you on a journey through time. You’ll get to witness the city’s vibrancy and immerse yourself in its culture, art, and architecture by delving into the stories of different periods. What’s more, Delhi Walks® provides a range of themes that cover local cultural traditions, giving you a holistic and enriching experience that you’ll never forget. At Delhi Walks®, we live and breathe our mantra of seeing Delhi through the eyes of a true-blue Delhiite. Our aim is to bring to life the essence of Delhi’s soul, and we do so by sharing our insider knowledge of the city’s hidden gems and unique stories. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, Delhi Walks® promises to show you a side of Delhi that you’ve never seen before. We live true to our mantra of See Delhi from an eye of a Delhiite!


Delhi Walks® is an experience, an experience to celebrate the capital city of Delhi, one of the most historic living cities of the world. Centuries have gone by, Emperors and empires have gone by, but their cities remain. Cross-cultures have come together to create the modern day vibrant city of Delhi. To soak in the best from this city, Delhi Walks® takes you on a discovery of this multi-layered cultural fabric of this city. Our walks are tailor-made to take you through the nuances as we are concept driven, experience driven and take you to the heart of Delhi.  Walk With Us™ through Delhi’s past centuries at leisure, tumbling and dancing into its vibrant present.


Our holistic itineraries are unique as we develop them after personal evaluations and in-depth research, updating them at regular intervals. We create fresh, out of the box experiences for all kinds of themes in the city. Even in popularly locations, we offer local experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Time and time again we have seen our guests relax, unwind and enjoy our walks. Our aim is to give you the best walking experience ever.

Whether you are in city for work or for leisure, whether you are here for a day or many, our walks are the best way to explore!

We operate under CEPL® and National Award Winning brand INDIA CITY WALKS™ (ICW®) and our portfolio of walks offer spectacular city experiences in Delhi and across India. Feel free to contact us in order to find out which walk suits you best. You can reach us through email share@delhiwalks.in or call us +91 989 969 2790 during weekdays, weekends or fill the contact form. We are passionate about travel & love to talk to you!

Exceptional Experiences®

Enter into a time-warp to unravel the unknown! During your stay in Delhi explore imposing structures juxtaposed with modernity. As part of our Exceptional Experiences®, join us to perceive the monuments differently, experience the wide roads and green boulevards, motifs of syncretic architecture and thriving residential and commercial centre. Our team of city explorers is unsurpassed in knowledge and ensures that your walking tour exceeds your expectations. We at Delhi Walks® would be delighted to be of assistance in planning and executing all your sightseeing requirements.


We offer the best of locale


Range of thematic experiences


We offer a personal and efficient service


You get unbeatable value for money


Welcome to Delhi Walks®, where we’re not your typical tour guides. We’re storytellers, Heritage Enthusiasts®, and walking aficionados who are passionate about showing you the best of what this incredible city has to offer.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Delhi, there were a group of individuals who were not satisfied with the typical tourist experiences that the city had to offer. They wanted to show visitors the real Delhi, the one that only a true local would know. And so, Delhi Walks® was born.

Our team is comprised of City Explorers®, Kathakars®, Storywallah®, City Mavericks®, Heritage Walk Leaders®, Walk Icons®, and City Champions®, each with their unique pedigree in storytelling. From the minute you step on one of our tours, you’ll be swept away by immersive tales and quirky anecdotes that you won’t find anywhere else. But we’re not just all talk. Our award-winning brand is operated in conjunction with India City Walks, a three-time National Award Winner and prestigious HALL OF FAME winner by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Together, we offer a range of walking tours and city experiences that cater to all types of travellers.

We don’t just show you the usual tourist spots. Our Delhi Stories and Dastan E Delhi® themes will take you on a journey of discovery, immersing you in the culture, history, and hidden gems that only a true local would know. Our Delhi Heritage Walks are designed to be more than just a history lesson; they’re a chance to participate, learn, and engage with the city on a deeper level.

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time visitor, come join us on one of our walks and experience the best of Delhi like never before! Our team is committed to delivering the best walking experiences in the city, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

And just a little reminder, Delhi Walks® by City Explorers Pvt Ltd is a trademarked brand, so you know that you are getting the original and authentic Delhi Walks® experience. See you on the walk!

Nidhi Bansal


Nidhi’s experience brings ‘Delhi Walks®’ all together to initiate an engaging experiential offerings for tourists and residents. Combining her understanding and higher standards, our walking tours bring awareness by curating short itineraries full of visual opportunities appropriated by stories. Backed by top notch qualifications Nidhi suggest or develop waking tours, city experiences that match your interests and are insightful, memorable and fun. Nidhi has spent fruitful 19+ years in the most elevated echelons of the hospitality industry and broadened the concept of heritage tourism in India.

Dr.Sachin Bansal

Chief Explorer®

Sachin is a tourism entrepreneur and leads award winning experiential travel brands. Inspired by his passion for India and its cultural hues, his vision connects residents and travellers to their cultural roots, local communities, taking pride in its lineage, and returning to the society in multiple ways. Backed by over 20+ years of global experience, he developed experiential business models in tourism delivery to create employment opportunities and design culturally immersive tourism products. Alongside, he has won multiple awards for flagships and extending benefits to local communities through his city brands.

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