Club – Bond with Nature

Explore and reconnect with nature

Bond with Nature is a special program by India City Walks which helps children reconnect with nature and develop a thoughtful relationship with the natural world.

Today with the advent of technology, we are losing ourselves amidst the web of concrete buildings and modern day gadgets. It is necessary for our future generations to care for and not forget their surroundings.

We organise visits to nature parks & bio diversity parks to increase academic connections, enhance community participation and foster environmental connection.

We bring Nature as an integral part of learning, which helps children to explore & reconnect with nature and everything in it. We have created programs which are conducted by our team of Naturologists & trained instructors who teach the kids about our diverse ecosystem, how to identify trees, herbs & plants and how to protect them.

We are expert in walking tours and we’ve earned a solid reputation for our passion, enthusiasm and importantly, our sense of showcasing the character of the city.

We operate under the umbrella brand INDIA CITY WALKS and our selection of walks offer spectacular city experiences in Delhi and across India.

Feel free to contact us in order to find out which itinerary suits you best. You can reach us through email during weekends and holidays or fill the contact form.

We are passionate about travel and love to talk about it with you!

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