The Moon and the Minaret

The moon and The Minaret
Special Tour 45 Mins
Qutub Complex Qutub Complex Tour Guide: City Explorer®

The moonlit splendour and the tallest brick minaret make a potent mix. Follow close to find the best of Qutub at night. An experience of a lifetime.

Explore UNESCO world heritage sites with us and enjoy the splendid view of Massive Qutub Minar at the zenith of its splendour. Indulge into the stories and scenic beauty of the world’s tallest brick minaret- Qutub Minar which also wields a hypnotic power, owing to itstowering elevation and grandeur. Take a walk to the beautiful Qutub complex with Delhi walks and get to know the lesser known facts, details and stories about the Qutub minar and other structures within this complex. Indulge into an experience with extensive storeytelling and activities at the serene Qutub complex housing the most famous Qutub Minar and various structures built during the 13th and 14th century along with various additions mae to it by various rulers who came into power, declared a UNESCO world heritage Qutub minar is a lofty brick minaret right beneath which lies the very first mosque of Delhi marking the advent of Muslim rule in India. Along with the lofty standing brick minar and the structures in its surrounding which have successfully stood the test of time over the past centuries see an incomplete structure dating back to 14th century.

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