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Garden Tomb
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Lodhi Garden Lodhi Gardens Tour Guide: City Explorer®

Are you tired with the bustle-bustle of the city? Looking for a serene green environment to walk peacefully while you learn about the history of the place? Congratulations! You are the right place. If you are a nature lover and also someone who has an infinite love for history, architecture and photography you should start your day early at the Lodhi Garden.
Built in the 16th century by the last dynasty of the Delhi sultanate, Lodhi garden is home to four monuments belonging to the Lodi period built amidst a huge garden. The green environment of the tomb complex is a treat for nature lovers who can visit the garden in early hours for the best experience of the monuments and the park attached to it which is excellent for bird watching. Spend time in each monument, click picture and appreciate the art and aesthetics of the Lodi artistic tradition. Evening hours are equally good for visiting these beautiful garden tombs.
The historical and architectural charm of these monuments attract huge number of visitors who visit the monuments and stroll in the park for the pure purpose of leisure. The enchanting aura of the tomb has also led to the development of a magnificent restaurant which goes by the name of the complex. If you visit the tomb complex in the evening hour, be sure to visit the Lodhi Garden restaurant for gourmet food and drinks. The ambience of the restaurant adjacent to the tomb complex is enchanting.
Join Delhi Walks for a beautiful morning/evening at Lodhi Garden. Game for an experience you would not forget.

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