Memoirs of Mutiny

Memoris of Mutiny
Daily Tour 1.5 Hours Availability: 2018-11-21
Kashmiri Gate Kashmiri Gate Tour Guide: City Explorer®

Engage into a narrative that marks one of the most decisive moments of Indian pre-independence era. An experience and take a walk down memory lane. The Sepoy Mutiny which broke out in the year 1857 also regarded as India’s First War of Independence against the British rule. As you walk by various important structures related to the 1857 Mutiny with Delhi Walks get to know about the interesting stories and incidences with greater dimension and how it assumed almost an all-India character with participation of people from different sections of the society.

The tales that connect you, that takes you through a Nation’s narration of its colonial past. This walk in particular shall be a storytelling as the places would lay mute of their aftermath of the revolt.

Explore the important landmarks related to this mutiny within the city. Visiting Kashmiri Gate which was a place from where the Indian soldiers fired volleys of cannonballs at the British and was also used as an assembly area for strategizing and fighting followed by a visit to the various monuments its surroundings like the beautiful St. James Church, and various other structures within in the vicinity holding great importance and speaking tons about the revolt of 1857.

During the morning light or the setting sun, this walk is enchanting no matter when you experience it. The summer of 1857 shook the nation and the colonial rulers in a way that they came together to establish a governance, with a proclamation of the Queen, around India.

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Kashmiri Gate Metro Station Gate no. 1

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As desired, subject to avaliability

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