First City of Delhi

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Mehrauli Archaeological Park Hauz Khas Tour Guide: Walk Leaders®

Delhi Walks is a passionate endeavour to make the bygone eras come alive through various remnants of the past scattered across the city. Our walks are tailored to suit your interests for a perfect introduction to the eternal City of Cities. Our experienced and knowledgeable Walk Leaders® are driven to showcase the heart of Delhi. Experience the unique itineraries which assure fascinating and fun-filled memories. So, don’t miss the chance to get a taste of the Delhi Walks experience.

This walk gives you the opportunity to explore the first city to be ever built in Delhi. Explore the monuments belongings to the first city and those which were added later in Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

Spend your early morning to get a chance to get out without being bothered by the sweltering heat. Indulge in a perfectly curated experience that introduces you to the best aspects of architecture from the medieval to modern times. Mehrauli Archaeological Park also allows a stupendous view of the Qutub Minar in the distance. Explore the open 200-acre stretch studded with flora and fauna with dotted Architectural marvels built over centuries.

The sprawling park contains a beautiful baoli from the Lodhi dynasty, the tomb of Akbar’s foster brother which was turned into a pleasure palace by one of the British residents, and the beautiful mosque and tomb of Jamali Kamali, along with the tomb of the legendary last slave king, Balban. Enjoy this rich amalgamation of architecture in the early hours of the day so you can take refuge in the afternoon back home from July Summer. Explore the stories of the Afghan, Lodhi, Mughal and British dynasties which will unfold as you continue your pleasurable walk.

Trace the fascinating story of the 8 cities of Delhi because of which it is known as the “city of cities.” This is a serene and breathtaking walk that is composed of nature, history, and heritage. Don’t miss your chance to explore this beautiful part of Delhi.

Delhi Walks lives by the mantra ‘See Delhi from an eye of a Delhiite™’, join us as we make this mantra come alive for you. Our years of experience and accolades help us service the best in the city to all travelers. We know the nerve of the city, and let you feel the heartbeat, come with us as we make this a once in a lifetime experience for you.

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Mehrauli Archaeological Park
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