Delhi’s Fourth City Jahanpanah

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Born in the 1300 CE in Multan, Emperor Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq was the most well read, bold and controversial of the Delhi Sultans. Unlike his predecessors, he was well-versed in Arabic and Persian; and subjects like religion, philosophy, mathematics, medicine, logic and astronomy. He was also a calligraphist. Hungry for power, it is said that the Sultan killed his own father and brother for the throne. Once on the throne he made also sort of innovations that miserably failed bringing an end to his rule. First, he shifted the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and back to Delhi again; second, he introduced several coins, led expeditions to Khurasan and Karachi and enhanced the taxation in Doab that ultimately led to his nemesis.
Visit the city of the 4th city of Delhi, Jahanpanah with Delhi Walks®. Explore the rather neglected Adilabad- a fort on the south of Tughlaqabad with two gateways and chambers for grain and courtyard is the only remain; the Begaumpur mosque- with an unusual three arched passageway entry and madrasa bastion; Bijay Mandal- with its unusual architecture in rubble masonry, debatable for its functionality and finally the rather left out Khirki Masjid. Get a feel of these not so well known monuments with our walk leaders and return with something new. Our team of city explorers® are unsurpassed in knowledge and ensure that your walking tour exceeds your expectations. We at Delhi Walks® would be delighted to be of assistance in planning and executing all your sightseeing requirements.
The hosts are designated as Monument Friends®, Heritage Heroes, Kathakar®, Heritage Enthusiasts®, Tourprenuer® and Heritage Walk Leader®. Our tourism ecosystem endure value through culture and heritage and involve communities to reveal India’s past.
Know more about this enigmatic sultan of Delhi with Delhi Walks®. Feel free to contact us at or call us +91 9899692790 in order to find out which itinerary suits you best. Delhi Walks® is an award winning brand which is operated in conjunction with India City Walks (ICW®) and aims to offer best walking experience ever.

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