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The following are the registered trademarks, trade names, logos and other intellectual properties 

Delhi Walks is a flagship brand of City Explorers Private Limited.  

City Explorers Private Limited, having registered office address at 206 Ashoka Apartments, Commercial Complex, Ranjeet Nagar, New Delhi – 110008, INDIA is one of the best known and most respected tourism delivery organisations in India, having a portfolio of brands owned by the company and its directors carrying on the business of, heritage walks, city sightseeing and experiential travel services, hereby brings to notice of the general public that it is the owner of the following trademarks.

Mark Trade Mark Number Class Status
CITY EXPLORERS 3770899 39 Registered
CITY MAVERICKS 3180350 39 Registered
CULINARY WALKS 2606077 39 Registered
DASTAN E DELHI 3695016 39 Registered
DASTAN E DELHI 3695015 39 Registered
DELHI WALKS 2553097 39 Registered
DELHI WALKS 2122476 41 Registered
EXPLORING THE CITYS SOUL 4024991 39 Registered
MONUMENT FRIENDS 3734644 39 Registered
PHOTOWALKING 3679946 41 Registered
PHOTOWALKING 3679945 39 Registered
SPIRITED STORIES 3947110 39 Registered
SPIRITED TALES 3947111 39 Registered
STORYTELLERS OF INDIA 3058477 39 Registered
STORYWALLAH 3925733 39 Registered
SWACHH WALKS 3801498 39 Registered
WALK LEADERS 3925731 39 Registered

These marks are being used extensively by City Explorers Private Limited in all major jurisdictions in India.

A tremendous amount of goodwill and reputation is associated with the City Explorers Private Limited marks and associated art work and theme and only City Explorers Private Limited has the sole right to permit use of the same.  It has come to notice that various people, including some freelancers, purported bloggers, agencies, individuals in India  are illegally and immorally using the City Explorers Private Limited marks or similar variations to promote and transmit their services over the internet, in particular through social media sites, with a view of unlawfully taking advantage of City Explorers Private Limited name and reputation.  The misuse of the well-known City Explorers Private Limited marks for these fake tours, activities, meet-ups and walking tours, heritage walks is likely to cause deception and confusion and has a great potential to cause great harm to the public at large. City Explorers Private Limited taking serious notice of the unauthorized and illegal use of their marks and associated people, agencies and their digital profiles and IP has initiated legal action to put a stop to these practices.

Be it known to all that stern legal actions will be taken against any person, firm or company found involved in using City Explorers Private Limited marks, associated IP, or illegally claiming to be associated with City Explorers Private Limited  in any manner whatsoever, under all applicable civil and criminal laws, solely at the risk of such person as to cost and consequences.  Such unscrupulous are hereby warned of a swift and stringent legal action for trademark infringement and passing off under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and criminal action inter alia for counterfeiting, cheating and fraud.

Members of the public having any knowledge / information of the above mentioned trademarks been used by anyone other than City Explorers Private Limited are requested to get in touch at the below address –

City Explorers Private Limited, 206, Ashoka Apts, Commercial Complex, Ranjeet Nagar, New Delhi – 110008  |  +91 858 880 8891


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