Iftar Walk

Daily Tour 3 Hours Availability: 2018-05-15
old delhi Delhi Tour Guide: City Explorers

Enjoy a specially curated Iftar experience with “Delhi Walks” at Old Delhi coupled with a traditional Iftar meal where you can perceive the cultural efflorescence of the Walled City. An Iftar evening also includes a visit to the chock-a-block, vivacious gullies of Shahjahanabad where you can relish an array of sumptuous food and perceive a sense of spiritual connect with the cultural traditions.

Indulge in the history of the Walled City and witness thousands of people breaking their roza (fast) with loved ones in perfect synergy and harmony. Celebrate interfaith dialogue and indulge in traditional festivities during Ramadan! All this in a short span of two-three hours! The exact timings of the experience will vary between 5:30pm and 6:00 pm depending on prayer timings.

Walk Time
6.00 pm – 9.00 pm


Old Delhi
 Call Center: +919899692790
Total: ₹2,000.00 From ₹2,000.00 /person
× ₹2,000.00 = ₹2,000.00


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